HD Meeting Recommended Meeting Security Options in 5.5

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There are new options available in the meeting experience for HD Meeting Security preferences. If you have not previously enabled a waiting room or passcode, both are available for use and can be configured in your web portal. These options are not mandatory or automatically applied. However, we recommend at least a meeting passcode for good security hygiene.

Please note: Once the Passcode and Waiting Room features are enabled, it will not be able possible to schedule meetings with the client or through Outlook for now (workaround is scheduling through the web will work, and will filter down to the meeting client but NOT to outlook). We are working with the vendor to figure out timelines for a fix for this issue, which will more than likely include updated versions of the clients.

In 5.5 many security enhancements are a part of the functionality of meeting rooms.

The security preferences and description of each option is below (**PLEASE NOTE** you can edit the Waiting Room options without the waiting room being enabled)

  1. Require that all meetings are secured with one of the following security options: a passcode, a Waiting Room, or "Only authenticated users can join meetings".
  2. Enable Waiting Room - When participants join a meeting, place them in a waiting room and require the host to admit them individually. Enabling the waiting room automatically disables the setting for allowing participants to join before the host.
  3. Meeting Passcode - All instant, and scheduled meetings that users can join via the client, or room systems will be passcode-protected. The Personal Meeting ID (PMI) meetings are not included
  4. Personal Meeting ID (PMI) Passcode - All Personal Meeting ID (PMI) meetings that users can join via the client, or room systems will be passcode-protected.

The waiting room options can be edited to preferences of "who should go into the waiting room" to better fit needs. These preferences will apply to all types of meetings.

The waiting room will give the host a popup to admit one or all participants to the meeting. If no further preferences are needed, no further action is needed.

Security continues to be important and we are glad to offer advances in the availability of HD Meeting options for secure collaboration.


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