HD Meeting Release Notes Version 5.5 - iOS Mobile App

See the summary of release notes below, see attachment for full release note details.

iOS Mobile Clients:

  • Enhanced privacy design in contact details and user profile page
  • Security icon in host’s meeting controls
  • Suspend participant activity
  • Additional meeting reactions
  • Custom languages for language interpretation
  • Phone audio options for Webinar attendees 
  • Chat Features - Pin Messages, File Size restrictions, Invite members to channel, mute channel notifications, first name @mentions, Annotation Enhancements
  • Adjust Touch Up My Appearance
  • Support for live streaming to Youtube on mobile iOS
  • Support for Split-Screen Multitasking on iPad - Users can now split the iPad screen between HD Meeting and other apps
  • Enhanced gallery view for iPad - Gallery view on iPads now supports up to 4x4 videos, and up to 5x5 for 11" and 12.9" iPad Pros. Multi-pin, multi-spotlight, and custom gallery view organization are also supported
  • Support for OS Customized Text Sizes - HD Meeting will now support customized text sizes set in the operating system Accessibility Settings.
  • Meeting Join Enhancements
  • Virtual Background Selection within Video Preview - The video preview will now contain an option to select Virtual Background
  • Change ringtone for meeting invites and phone calls
  • Scheduling with custom Join Before the Host time limit, and tracking field selection

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