Yealink Cordless Solution User Guides

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Click the links below to download quick start and user guides for your Yealink Cordless solution used with OfficeSuite UC.

If you need to install and configure the Yealink base and handset(s) follow the Yealink Installation and Configuration instructions.

Setting up your Yealink handset to retrieve Voicemail

First, your extension must be assigned a Voicemail box. Your OfficeSuite administrator does so at the Extension Manager in WE Connect portal.

Initial Setup: Press the Voicemail key on your Yealink handset (envelope icon to right of center navigation disc). Scroll down one row to the Voicemail icon for your extension. Press "Select" soft key. You are prompted to "Enter Number". Enter *98, (that's star 98), press Save.

Retrieve Voicemail: To retrieve Voicemail, simply press the Voicemail key on the handset, scroll to select the Voicemail icon on your extension number and you'll be connected to the Voicemail system. Enter your passcode to retrieve messages. For initial setup, follow the voice prompts to record your greeting and change/confirm your passcode.

Quick Start Guide: Yealink W76P package of W70B base and W56H handset:

Quick Start Guide: Yealink W79P package of W70B base and W59R rugged handset:

User Guide: Yealink W70B base used with W56H handset, W59R rugged handset and/or CP935W conference phone:

User Guide: Yealink W60P package of W60B base and W56H handset:

User Guide: Yealink W59R rugged handset and W60B base:

Quick Start Guide: Yealink CP935W DECT/WiFi conference phone. If DECT, must use W70B base:

User Guide: Yealink CP935W DECT/WiFi conference phone. If DECT, must use W70B base:

User Guide: Yealink CP930W cordless conference phone and W60B base:

Yealink W80B multi-cell base and W80DM DECT Manager:

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