OfficeSuite UC v10.0 through v10.2.1 upgrades and schedule

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This project completed in August 2022. The content below is informational.

OfficeSuite UC is performing software upgrades from September 2021 through August 2022.

The next revision of OfficeSuite software is v10.0. It has multiple architectural and platform improvements that enable future software upgrades to be more efficient, faster, and less risky. It also enables a new phone model from Mitel, the Mitel 6930L (L=lite) to be supported with OfficeSuite. The 6930L is Mitel's response to the worldwide Bluetooth chip shortage. It is the same form factor as the Mitel 6930 but without native BT and MobileLink functions. It was made available on a case by case basis to some OfficeSuite customers in 2021 and made generally available for customers running v10.0 or better as of April 2022. Portfolio of OfficeSuite phones.

Another feature of v10.0 is per site 911 notifications. Today in WE Connect OS Administrators can define which users are notified either via email or via audible and visual notifications on their OfficeSuite desk phones whenever anyone in the organization dials 911. That feature is improved with v10.0 in that OS Admins will be able to define at each SITE who should be notified when an extension logged into that specific site dials 911. This feature requires WE Connect portal revisions at the Emergency Notification page and is rolled out to customers on a server by server basis when their server is upgraded to v10.0. Setting audible and visual notifications when 911 is dialed.

The third new feature in v10.0 is Auto Dial. Think of it like the Bat phone. Pick up the handset of an OfficeSuite Mitel or Poly VVX desk phone and it automatically dials a pre-determined extension or number. Customers have asked for this feature for courtesy phone and entry phone use cases among others. It too requires changes to the WE Connect portal and thus will be available on a server by server basis after your server is upgraded to v10.0. Setting up and using Auto Dial.

After a server is upgraded to v10.0, it's eligible to get upgraded to v10.0.1 or v10.1.1 per the schedule below.

Feature pack release 10.0.1 introduces one new feature to users of Poly VVX phones. A new programmable key for Park Location with Reminder will be available for VVX phone users that enables them to program a Park Location key such that if the call is parked for 30 seconds the call will re-present itself (i.e. ring the phones again) to any phone that has the Park Location with Reminder key programmed for that parking spot. If the call is not answered, it will re-present again in another 30 seconds and continue to do so on a 30 second interval or until answered. Regardless of re-presentation interval, the call can always be retrieved by pressing the Park Location with Reminder key at which its parked.

Once your server is upgraded to v10.0.1, VVX users can program the key at the My Phones page or widget in the WE Connect portal.

To program a Park Location with Reminder key on your OfficeSuite VVX phone, login into the portal and click Configure in the My Phones widget. At the next page ensure the correct model of VVX phone is selected in Phone Name drop list. Pick an unassigned key and select Park Location with Reminder, enter a Label for the key, pick the park location number in the Details field, and Save. More about Park/Retrieve here.

In early 2022, v10.1.1 was rolled out to several production servers. Version 10.1.1 was an infrastructure release and introduced no new end-customer features, but contains everything from prior releases 10.0 and 10.0.1.

OfficeSuite software v10.2 was installed on Sil server 9 on May 5, 2022 as the first field application of the latest software. Sil 9 is used solely by Windstream employees and serves as a test bed in that regard. Version 10.2 includes all features from prior versions discussed above. All servers that had not yet been upgraded as of 5/5/22 were upgraded to v10.2 by 6/30/22.

After that, Service Pack v10.2.1 was introduced and loaded onto Sil server 9 on 7/15/22. Any servers running less than v10.2 will be upgraded to v10.2.1 by early August 2022 per the schedule below.

Schedule by OfficeSuite server

Production rollout dates by server for OfficeSuite releases v10.0 through v10.2 are updated as servers are scheduled and completed. The goal is to upgrade all 30 servers to some version of 10.x by end of June '22. Then by end of August '22, all servers will be running v10.2.

All server upgrade maintenance windows begin at 11PM Eastern time and end at 3AM Eastern time the following morning. Your OfficeSuite UC services will experience a brief 10-15 minute service disruption overnight, but not before midnight Eastern time. Customers do not need to make any changes to their system prior to the upgrade. All work is performed in Windstream data centers and access to your premises is not required. After the maintenance window your phones will reboot and operate normally.

Server number   Date of Upgrade and version number

1                                           v10.0 - Complete September 13, 2021 v10.0.1 - Complete Jan. 26, '22 v10.2.1 Complete July 20, 2022

2                                           v10.2 - Complete June 22, 2022

3                                           v10.1.1 - Complete May 5, 2022 v10.2.1 Complete August 2, 2022

4                                           v10.1.1 - Complete May 4, 2022 v10.2.1 Complete August 2, 2022

5                                           v10.0.1 - Complete Oct. 15, '21 v10.2.1 Complete July 26, 2022

6                                           v10.2 - Complete June 14, 2022

7                                           v10.2 - Complete May 25, 2022

8                                           v10.0 - Complete Oct. 26, '21

v10.0.1 - Complete Nov. 5, '21 v10.2.1 Complete July 26, 2022

9                                           v10.1.1 - Complete March 3, 2022 v10.2 Complete May 5, 2022 v10.2.1 Complete 7/15/22

10                                         v10.0.1 - Complete September 20, 2021 v10.2.1 Complete July 18, 2022

11                                         v10.1.1 - Complete April 21, 2022 v10.2 Complete June 28, 2022

12                                         v10.2 - Complete June 30, 2022

13                                         v10.2 - Complete May 31, 2022

14                                         v10.1.1 - Complete April 27, 2022 v10.2.1 Complete August 3, 2022

15                                         v10.2 - Complete June 23, 2022

16                                         v10.2 - Complete June 9, 2022

17                                         v10.2 - Complete June 15, 2022

18                                         v10.2 - Complete June 29, 2022

19                                         v10.2 - Complete May 18, 2022

20                                         v10.2 - Complete June 16, 2022

21                                         v10.1.1 - Complete April 20, 2022 v10.2 Complete June 28, 2022

22                                         v10.2 - Complete June 16, 2022

23                                         v10.2 - Complete June 2, 2022

24                                         v10.1.1 - Complete April 28, 2022 v10.2.1 Complete August 3, 2022

25                                         v10.0 - Complete Nov. 16, '21 v10.0.1 - Complete Nov. 16, '21 v10.2.1 Complete July 21, 2022

26                                         v10.2 - Complete May 19, 2022

27                                         v10.2 - Complete May 11, 2022

28                                         v10.2 - Complete May 12, 2022

29 v10.0.1 - Complete Jan. 24, '22 v10.2.1 Complete July 28, 2022

30 v10.0.1 - Complete Jan. 24, '22 v10.2.1 Complete July 28, 2022

OfficeSuite administrators should add the OfficeSuite Releases widget to their dashboard in the WE Connect portal to be always aware of new releases and to verify the server upon which their organization's OfficeSuite UC service is provisioned and the version of software running.

Link to previous version of OfficeSuite software release notes.