OfficeSuite UC IP Renumbering project - Fall and Winter 2021/2022

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OfficeSuite UC Network Maintenance - Renumber IP Address Space of OfficeSuite (SIL) Servers

This project completed February 2022.

Windstream OfficeSuite UC is renumbering the IP addresses of its OfficeSuite (silhouette) servers to deliver improved network design and efficiencies to the platform.

As with other maintenance activities, this project will span several maintenance windows and is designed to have minimal impact to OfficeSuite customers.

Maintenance requests will be submitted for each maintenance activity performed and all customers affected by that maintenance window will be notified via email to the OfficeSuite Administrator(s) on the account.

The initial schedule started after Labor Day 2021 and included the following SIL servers:

 ·        SIL 22 September 16th - 02:00-04:00 ET - Complete

·        SIL 20 September 23rd - 02:00-04:00 ET - Complete

·        SIL 27 September 30th - 02:00-04:00 ET - Complete

·        SIL 28 October 7th - 02:00-04:00 ET - Complete

·        SIL 26 October 14th - 02:00-04:00 ET - Complete

·        SIL 18 October 21st - 02:00-04:00 ET - Complete

After this first round of maintenance activity there was a two-week internal check-in and evaluation period to review any issues, determine process improvements, and evaluate ways to accelerate the project timeline. The second round completed in November.

  • SIL 24 November 4th – 02:00-04:00 ET - Complete
  • SILs 11 & 21 November 11th – 02:00-04:00 ET - Complete
  • SIL 3 November 18th – 02:00-04:00 ET - Complete

No changes were made during Thanksgiving week. The December schedule was:

  • SILs 15 & 16 December 2 – 02:00-04:00 ET - Complete
  • SILs 4 & 14 December 9 – 02:00-04:00 ET - Complete
  • SILs 2 & 6 December 16 – 02:00-04:00 ET - Complete

The remaining servers will be renumbered in January and February 2022 with the goal to finish all by mid-February. The remaining schedule is as follows (all maintenance 2AM to 4AM Eastern):

* SILs 12 & 23 January 6 - Complete

* SILs 7 & 13 January 13 - Complete

* SILs 29 and 30 January 16 - Complete

* SIL 17 January 20 - Complete

* SIL 10 January 24 - Complete

* SIL 25 January 27 - Complete

* SIL 8 February 3 - Complete

* SIL 5 February 8 - Complete

* SIL 1 February 10 - Complete

  • SIL 19 February 17 - Complete. Final server. Project completed.

To ensure you receive notifications as expected, OfficeSuite Customer Admins need to make sure they have the proper contact information, with correct email address, on their maintenance notification list for their account(s) in the customer portal.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I determine on which server my OfficeSuite services are provisioned?

Follow these instructions to add the OfficeSuite Releases widget to your dashboard in the portal or view your server number at the OfficeSuite Settings page.

What are the maintenance windows?

  • The maintenance window for activity is 2am-4am ET on the date specified.

What do I have to do before the maintenance to prepare for it?

  • There is nothing customers need to do prior to the maintenance. They do need to be aware that if they have call forwarding activated after hours (during the maintenance window) it may not be restored and to reestablish it afterwards.

Will there be service disruption?

  • Yes, the planned service disruption is expected to last about 5 minutes.

What do I need to do after the maintenance window?

  • The maintenance is designed to be seamless. However, customers may need to restart their phones if the phones are not working when they arrive to the office the morning after the maintenance. Also, any call forward settings that spanned the maintenance window may need to be reset.

Will the phones restart normally?

  • Yes, the maintenance is designed to be seamless. However, customers may need to restart their phones if the phones are not working when they arrive at the office the morning after the maintenance.

What if they don’t restart normally? Who do I call?

  • If your phones do not start normally, try rebooting the phones by cycling the power. If that does not clear the issue, open a repair ticket as you normally would in the customer portal or by calling OfficeSuite Support at 1-800-600-5050.