How to set up and use Hot Desking and Multi-desking

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Hot Desking

Hot desking allows a user with an OfficeSuite extension and PIN to log into any phone at any location within their organization.

All OfficeSuite seat types include hot desking. With hot desking, one phone or device can be logged into the same extension at one time. More about multi-desking later which permits up to 5 phones/devices logged in simultaneously.

With hot desking, when you log into a new phone with your extension and PIN, the phone at which you're currently logged-in is logged out.

Logging out a phone

If the phone is already logged in with another extension, press the Logout softkey and then confirm logout. On some models you may need to press the More key to scroll through softkeys to the Logout key. If there is no Logout key, then dial *00 and press Send to log the phone out.

Logging into a phone

Press the ACTIVATE softkey.

Enter your numeric extension.

Navigate to the PIN field, enter your numeric PIN.

Press Enter.

The phone is now logged in with your extension. All inbound calls to your extension or DID will ring this phone. All outbound calls will originate from your OfficeSuite extension and send your outbound calling line ID. If you logged into the same phone model and manufacturer as your previous phone, all of your programmed speed dials and feature keys will be present on this new phone. If you need to program keys for this model phone, do so at the My Phones widget on your dashboard in the customer portal.

With hot desking you can be logged into one phone at a time. When you log into a new phone, the system automatically logs you out of your previous phone. (More about multi-desking later.)

Exceptions: Some phones cannot be logged in by the user. These include all cordless phones, the Poly 6000 SoundStation conference phone, the Poly VVX 101 and 201, and any customer-provided phones not among the makes and models supported by OfficeSuite UC. Also, any extension created as a Location by the OfficeSuite administrator cannot be logged out at the phone.


Multi-desking enables an extension to be logged into more than one phone/device simultaneously (up to 5 devices) depending upon how many multi-desking allocations are allotted to the extension at the Extension Manager page in the portal.

Use cases for multi-desking

Users with more than one phone such as a desk phone and softphone, or cordless phone, benefit from having both phones logged in so they never miss a call. Users with multiple work locations including home offices may opt to have more than one phone logged in simultaneously. Sometimes common area phones can be multi-desked so you don't consume a different extension for every phone in the office, but instead may opt to share one extension across multiple phones for the breakroom, cafeteria, copy room, conference room, etc.

NOTE: Extensions set up as Locations can only be logged into one phone.

Determining how many multi-desk allocations you have

Log into the WE Connect portal and select Configure from the My Phones widget. At the next screen you'll see the maximum number of logged in devices allowed:

The value will be from 1 (hot desking) to 5. Any logged in devices will appear in the list. You can also use this panel to logout any phone remotely by checking the Logout Device box on the row and pressing Save Device Changes.

With multi-desking, you can log into the number of phones up to your allowed maximum after which you will be denied the ability to log into another phone. When this occurs you must logout one or more phones in order to log into the next phone.

Setting multi-desk allocations

Only OfficeSuite UC administrators can allot multi-desking allocations to extensions. They do so at the Extension Manager page. OfficeSuite UC seats include multi-desking in the quantity of 5 per Standard and Advanced seat and 1 per Basic seat.

The sum pool of multi-desking allocations may be distributed among all extensions in any quantity from 1 to 5 per extension regardless of which seat type was intended for the extension. For example, if you buy 10 Standard seats (each with 5 multi-desk allocations) and 20 Basic seats (each with one), you have a sum total of 70 multi-desk allocations to spread among your 30 extensions in any quantity (1-5 per extension).

Extension Manager, Compact View. Click on the edit icon for the row you wish to modify, enter the number of multi-desk allocations from 1-5, Save.

In Extended View of Extension Manager, Multi-desking is one of the columns on each row for each extension. Make any edits from 1-5 and scroll to the bottom to save changes.