How to save a contact in the WE Connect Desktop App

Anthony Olsen
edited August 2021 in Guides And How To's

How to save a contact in WE Connect

To save a contact, follow these steps:

1.      Sign into the WE Connect Desktop app and select the Contacts icon on the bottom of the screen. Then select the Contacts tab and choose Add Contact.

2.      Select the type of contact you would like to save from the drop down list at the top of the screen, then complete the rest of the form. Your contact options are:

a.      Office 365 – This will save the contact in your Office 365 portal. If the contact is updated or deleted within Office 365, the contact will be automatically updated on the WE Connect apps.

b.      Device Contact – Device contacts are stored locally in your Desktop app.

3.      Once you have filled out the information, select the Create button in the top right corner.

4.      You will get a notification that your contact has been successfully created. Now you can search your contacts to find the recently created contact.