View and Manage your OfficeSuite Call Groups in WE Connect.

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At the My Call Groups widget on your OfficeSuite dashboard in WE Connect you can quickly view Call Groups in which you are a member. If you have multiple extensions be sure you've selected the correct one in the drop list at top.

Click More and you'll land at the My Call Groups page where you can easily manage your call group participation.

  • Select which extension you wish to manage at the top of the page.
  • View your group names, extension numbers, and group types.
  • See group members by clicking the “expand” arrow to the left of each group. 
  • View your status in the group under My Status. If the group permits members to Join / Leave the group, you can toggle your In Group and Out of Group status.
  • If the group permits twinning of group calls, you can turn your Group Twinning Status on and off.
  • Each column in the table can be sorted by clicking on the column heading. Click once to sort ascending and again to sort descending.
  • To search for a specific group by name, extension, or group type, click the arrow next to Filter, enter your search parameters in the appropriate field and press Apply Filters.

OfficeSuite Administrators may refer to these resources for more information about creating and managing OfficeSuite Call Groups:

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