How to use Join / Leave Group function

When an OfficeSuite Administrator creates a call group, they can elect to grant permission for members to leave the group. (More about creating a call group here.)

Admins use the Join / Leave option when creating groups where membership can vary over the course of the workday or week; for example for "On Call" groups where a rotation of members required to be available is employed.

If your admin has created a call group with Join / Leave permissions, then each member of that group can manage their In Group status in a number of ways.

In the WE Connect portal, navigate to the My Call Groups page by clicking More at your My Call Groups widget

Or, via the top Services menu, click My Call Groups

At the My Call Groups page, you'll see all the groups of which you are a member and your status in that group. Any that allow for members to Join / Leave will present a drop down where you can change your status in that group.

If you are Out of Group you will not receive group calls on your OfficeSuite extension.

Users can also program a Join / Leave Group key on their OfficeSuite desk phone.

At the My Phones widget, click Configure

At the new tab, select an unassigned key. A dialog box opens from which you can select "Join / Leave Group" from the Feature list. (Poly VVX phone users may program a Join / Leave Group key in the Programmable soft keys section)

Enter a Label for the key, e.g. Join Sales Group, or On Call. If you have multiple groups to which you can Join / Leave, select the correct group in the Details field. You may program multiple keys for multiple groups that permit you to Join / Leave.

The new key will appear on your OfficeSuite phone within a few seconds. When the LED is ON, you are in the group and calls to that group will ring your extension. Toggle the key to extinguish the LED and remove yourself from that group. Toggle it again to rejoin the group. Changes made via the portal are kept in sync with your status on the phone and vice versa.

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