WE Connect Desktop App Release Notes - Version

The following are the release notes for V of the WE Connect Desktop app.

  • Global shortcut keys - Added global shortcut keys support for Answering the call (Ctrl + Alt + Shift + a), hanging up the call(Ctrl + Alt + Shift + h), mute/unmute the active call (Ctrl + Alt + Shift + M), Bring focus to the app (Ctrl + Alt + Shift + W) . Shortcut keys can be enabled from System tray > Right Click WE app > Settings > Shortcut keys. For more information on how to turn on shortcut keys, click here.
  • Voicemail page network improvements - Address issue with voicemail screen going blank on network interruption.
  • Call logs page network improvements - Address issue with screen getting stuck on call logs spinner on network connectivity resume.
  • Remember username fix - Fix for remember username not working in login page after first user login.
  • Improved app scaling for a more customized feel - Reduced the minimum height allowed to support 200% scaling of display
  • Improved audio quality during a softphone call - Implemented enhanced echo cancellation for headset and Bluetooth devices. Will also use hardware echo cancellation if available on the system.
  • Remove dependency on availability of Windows media player to play voicemail. (Microsoft made it optional feature in windows)
  • General enhancements and bug fixes