How do I create and use sub menus in the auto attendant?

How do I create and use sub menus in the auto attendant?

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    Hi @thwilliams :

    We recommend that you create separate Auto Attendants and route them to other auto attendants instead of using the submenu feature as it more flexible. Click Here for more detail on how to use our Auto Attendants.


  • Hi Carmen,

    This is the same answer I got from our Windstream rep. and does not really answer my question.

    In my particular application I am using this as the front end to CCS and I need to play two different recordings, So the way I currently have it setup is Auto att. 1 has a recording only- no caller response required, then after no response I have to send it to a call group (because it will not allow me to forward to an auto attn.)and then have the call group send it back to a second auto att. requesting callers response, (which causes a short silent period) and then based on callers response on to a CCS inbound call que.

    The reason I am doing it this way is so that we can change the first greeting on the fly based on current conditions without having to mess with the callers menu recording.

    This can be archived in CCS in the inbound call Que but when the caller is sent from the call que with the callers menu to another que it tags that call as abandon..