How do I park and retrieve a call on the WE Connect Desktop and Mobile apps?

In the WE connect Desktop and Mobile apps, you can now park and retrieve calls using the following steps:

To park a call in the WE Connect apps:

  1. Start a call with the caller you will want to park
  2. Select the park icon on the active call
  3. Type in the park location where you want to park the call. If you prefer, you can choose for the system to select a park location for you.
  4. You will receive a confirmation of where the call has been parked.

To retrieve a call within the WE Connect apps:

  1. Select the retrieve button
    1. On the Desktop app, go to the Dialpad and select “Retrieve”
    2. On the Mobile app, select the More icon in the bottom right corner and select “Retrieve”
  2. Enter the location you want to retrieve a call from
  3. The call will begin with the parked caller

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