HD Meeting Mobile Apps - 4.5 Release Notes

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In this post, the most recent HD Meeting release notes for both Android and iOS will be stored moving forward.


V. 4.5.8194.0610 - June 27, 2020

  • Attendee Waiting Room
  • Multiple co-hosts
  • Pin Video when viewing shared content
  • Polling for meetings
  • View profile information for contacts
  • Recall chat messages
  • Claim host control with host key
  • Support live stream
  • Breakout Room enhancements
  • Android tablets support white board feature
  • Android tablets support remote control


v.4.5.0 - Jun 26, 2020

Our team brings periodic updates to the App Store to help improve the performance and efficiency of our app. This version of the app includes the following updates:

  • Video preview when joining the meeting
  • User consent when using the 'Record Meeting' feature
  • Ability to disable 'Chat' during the meeting
  • Ability to disable 'Rename' during the meeting

4.3.10 - Sep 25, 2019

  • Screen sharing and alignment fixes for iOS 13

4.3.9 - Aug 5, 2019

This version of the OfficeSuite HD Meeting app brings new and improved updates to the UI. In addition, the new version of the app also brings the following features:

  • Set Notifications
  • Improved Audio and Video Quality with Low Bandwidth connections
  • Star Individual Messages
  • Star Contacts and Chat Channels

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