The NEW WE Connect Desktop App now replaces the outdated MyOfficeSuite Desktop Softphone!

With the introduction of our new WE Connect Portal, we have made significant improvements to the PC Softphone. Namely, by integrating the PC Softphone functionality with the WE Connect Desktop App we now offer a fully integrated experience. Now you can manage your calls, chats, presence, and your account settings from ONE single application.  

As a result, the previous standalone version of the PC Softphone will not be compatible with the new WE Connect Portal. Each PC Softphone user who has been migrated to the WE Connect Portal has been provisioned a WE Connect Desktop Softphone license to make the migration process as easy as possible.  

To use the new integrated softphone, please make sure to download the WE Connect Desktop app from the WE Connect Downloads page and select the phone icon in the top left corner.  


For more information on how to use the WE connect Desktop app, you can refer to the following links:  

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