How do I turn on shortcut keys (hot keys) in the WE Connect Desktop App?

The WE Connect Desktop app now offers shortcut keys (also referred to as hot keys). Shortcut keys allow you to perform a command quickly by typing a quick keyboard command. For example, here are the commands that the WE Connect Desktop app now has available:  

  • Answer call – Answers a ringing phone call in the WE Connect Desktop app 
  • Hang Up call – ends the call in the WE Connect Desktop app 
  • Mute or unmute microphone – Toggles either muting or unmuting your microphone 
  • Focus on WE Connect – if WE Connect is minimized or behind another app, it is brought to the front of all other apps  
  • Ignore call – This will stop the call from ringing, but for the person initiating the call, they will still finish hearing the ringing before being sent to your call forwarding. 

1. Select the arrow up icons in the task bar, right click on the WE Connect icon then click Settings 

2 . Select the Shortcut Keys hyperlink 

3 . On the shortcut key screen, select the Enable shortcut keys option. After being enabled, you can close out the window by clicking the X in the top right corner.