Contact Center Services Release 8.0

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Office Suite Contact Center Services release 8.0 is scheduled for production on March 10th and 11th. The following is a summary of what is coming in the new release. 

Outbound Calling Campaigns

CCS Outbound Queuing has taken a big step forward. The newest functionality allows Tenant Administrators to upload calling lists and run outbound calling campaigns using those lists. These campaigns are completely automated. CCS will manage and track the calls allowing for both on-demand tracking as well as full results after the campaign has completed. 
List driven campaign features include:
  • Reusable calling lists
  • Defined campaign calling window including blackout dates and times
  • Automated rescheduling of unsuccessful call attempts
  • Round-robin call distribution among the agents assigned to the campaign


Agent Wrap-Up Forms for Inbound and Outbound Voice Queue Calls

When building a Queue, the Tenant admin can now allow the agent to be presented with a call wrap-up form upon hanging up the call. These forms can be used to ask the agent for business-specific information about the call and its success. Wrap-Up forms can include multiple questions and answers can be binary (yes/no, true/false), Star Rating, Multiple Choice and free form.  Agent answers are preserved in the completed events and are downloadable for reporting.

Post-Call Surveys

When building a queue, the Tenant Admin can now decide what happens to the caller when the agent hangs up first. For example, when an agent hangs up the caller can be redirected to a question or a series of questions to answer using either voice responses or DTMF tones on their phone. Once the caller answers and hangs up, those answers will be captured with the call history and viewable in completed events and exportable. The Tenant Admin constructs and preserves all of their survey questions within a library inside CCS.


Faster Software Upgrades

Effective with the upgrade to 8.0, CCS software upgrades will complete in less than 20% of the time required by previous CCS upgrades. As always, all upgrades are scheduled during the early hours of the morning and customers are notified in advance. This CCS improvement will greatly reduce the impact of such upgrades on our 24x7 customers.   
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