How do I forward the main number to an external phone?

How do I forward the main number to an external phone?

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    Hi @LP_Tech;

    You can forward your number through the OfficeSuite Incoming Call Routing feature in the WE Connect portal. There you can set how incoming calls should be directed. You can find out how to use our Incoming Call Routing here.

  • Rob_Marschall
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    Use the override field at the Incoming Call Routing page.

    Click the down arrow on the row to edit the settings for the Main Number you wish to forward to another number. On the next panel, select "Other" in the Emergency Routing Override field. Enter the target phone number.

    At the top of the panel check the box for "Emergency Override Routing". Save Changes.

    Now all calls to that Main Number will be forwarded to the target number you entered as the Override value.


  • Thank you for your reply.

    I only see extensions on the Incoming Call Routing Page to route to during different time periods. Don't see a call forwarding tab to route number to number. Could you please give me more pointed instructions?