Setting the 911 Dispatch Location on the OfficeSuite UC® Sites Page in WE Connect

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One provision of Kari’s Law is that calls to 911 send the service address information for the caller along with the Dispatch Location. The Dispatch Location, or DL, is supplemental address information that helps emergency services personnel locate the caller within the building in order to speed response time.

In the WE Connect portal, there are two places where 911 Caller ID, 911CLID, information is stored including the Dispatch Location.

For details about how to view and edit the 911CLID and DL for individual phones within your premises, click here for the article on Setting 911 Dispatch Location for each OfficeSuite phone.

To view and edit the DL for the whole of a service address read on.

911 Dispatch Location by Site

OfficeSuite Administrators can view and edit the Dispatch Location information for each site that comprises their organization at the OfficeSuite Sites page.

Log into the WE Connect portal with administrator credentials and navigate to the Sites page by clicking on the OfficeSuite flyout on the left of your dashboard screen then click on Sites:

Or use the top navigation menu and click on Services / OfficeSuite / Phone System / Sites:

At the OfficeSuite Sites page you will see a list of all sites that comprise the whole of your business locations. Each is listed with a Site ID, a Site Name which you can modify, the service address and the 911 Caller ID number.

The 911 Caller ID is the phone number sent to emergency services when any phone at that site dials 911. In addition to the phone number, the service address and the dispatch location are also sent along.

To view or edit the dispatch location information for any of these 911 CLIDs, click on the pencil icon next to the phone number for the site you wish to modify.

At the next screen you may edit the Location Name and Dispatch Location fields in bold type. The remaining fields for service address and 911 CLID are grayed-out and not editable.

The Location Name can be anything that identifies this location in a familiar way to others in your organization, e.g. Headquarters, Main Office, Denver branch, Data Center, etc. The Location Name is not transmitted to emergency services personnel when 911 is dialed.

The Dispatch Location, on the other hand, is transmitted when 911 is dialed. In this field provide supplemental address information that will assist emergency responders to find your place of business and locate a responsible party that will assist in identifying the caller. It’s a 15-character field that may include room number, suite number, floor number within a high-rise, the preferred entrance door, or any other instruction to help first responders find your office.

Remember, at the OfficeSuite Sites page you are defining the 911 Caller ID Dispatch Location for the entire site, so direct responders to the main entrance, front desk, security office, etc.

Press Save when you’ve made your desired edits and your changes will be uploaded to the 911 database. Updates may take a few hours to propagate to all 911 Public Service Answering Point, PSAP, databases.


If you encounter any difficulty when setting your DL for OfficeSuite sites, you may contact the OfficeSuite Support Center for assistance at 888.623.VOIP (8647) or via email at [email protected]

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