Verify Override Target numbers at the Incoming Call Routing page

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edited August 2021 in General Information

OfficeSuite UC offers administrators the option of defining an Emergency Override target destination for all inbound phone numbers at the Incoming Call Routing page in the WE Connect portal.

Emergency override allows you to re-route your calls to a pre-determined business location, for example: mobile phones, other branch locations or a designated emergency override number to ensure that you do not experience any downtime in the event of an emergency like a flood, storm or fire.

Please make sure to complete the Emergency Override Routing destination field for each phone number listed at the Incoming Call Routing page. Doing so will give you the ability to reroute calls with the single click of a button when it matters most. 

Take the time now to verify each phone number has the correct emergency routing destination and make sure external numbers are in the correct format. For example, 10-digit external numbers should appear simply as the area code and number (e.g. 4045551000). If any extraneous digits appear in the field (e.g. a leading 91 prefix), edit the Emergency Override destination field and Save with the correct number.

Once you've established all of the Emergency Override destinations, if ever in the future you need to reroute calls in a hurry, return to the Incoming Call Routing screen and click “Enable All Overrides” to reroute all calls for your entire business to their designated alternate destinations. If you wish to reroute only a subset of your numbers, then check the boxes next to the specific phone numbers and click “Enable Selected Overrides”.


After the emergency has passed you may resume normal routing by clicking “Disable All Overrides” or “Disable Selected Overrides” if only a subset of numbers are ready for normal operation again.