How to: Using OfficeSuite chat and SMS/MMS in the portal and apps

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OfficeSuite UC includes chat among co-workers via the WE Connect portal and in the desktop and mobile apps. Note that chat can be turned OFF by the OfficeSuite administrator, so if your portal and apps don't have the chat box option next to each co-worker in the quick connect tab of the portal and in your desktop and mobile applications then contact your OfficeSuite administrator about enabling it for the organization.

Unlimited SMS messaging is included in select seat types of OfficeSuite UC. Specifically it's included with the Standard and Advanced Seat types sold with OfficeSuite UC. It can also be purchased individually for a user via the WE Connect portal at the OfficeSuite Licenses page. Your OfficeSuite Administrator needs to assign an SMS license for each user and each phone number that desires to send/receive SMS messages via their OfficeSuite phone number. One of the advantages of doing so is that your employees do not need to divulge their personal cell phone numbers in order to send/receive SMS on behalf of the company.

For sending/receiving photos and other file type attachments, OfficeSuite UC offers MMS packages for new and existing customers. Two packages are available based on the number of MMS messages sent/received in the calendar month. OfficeSuite administrators can order MMS 500 or MMS 1000 licenses at the OfficeSuite SMS/MMS page in the WE Connect portal. MMS messages in excess of the purchased quantity each month are billed 2 cents per message. Both MMS packages included unlimited SMS messages per month.

For more details about how to use OfficeSuite chat and SMS/MMS, refer to the attached User Guide.