Windstream Enterprise Connect Mobile App Release Notes - Most Recent Version

WindstreamEnterprise Administrator admin

This post will be used for storing the release notes and version number of the most recent version of the Windstream Enterprise Connect Mobile app. Previous versions will be archived in the WE Connect Desktop and Mobile App Release Notes Section

In the newest versions of the WE Connect Mobile apps (Android and iOS), we have introduced the following updates:

  • Park / Retrieve calls within the WE Connect Apps – Previously, users would have to know the star codes associated with park and retrieve to park and retrieve calls within the apps. Now, users can park and retrieve calls directly from within the WE Connect Desktop and Mobile Apps with the simple to use user interface. Users can choose which park location they would like to park the call, or they can have the system choose a park location for them. For instructions on how to park and retrieve calls from the WE connect apps, click here.
  • CCS Sign In / Sign Out – Instead of having to log into the CCS Portal to sign in and out of CCS, users can now select the CCS Settings menu within the WE Connect App to sign in and out of CCS. While the user cannot choose their status yet, the sign in / sign out option screen will allow us to add a choose status feature in the future. To learn more about how to sign in and out of CCS using the WE Connect apps, click here.

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