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WE Connect portal vs MyOfficeSuite, What has changed?


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MyOfficeSuite Desktop Software

Hi - - we have about 100 users and most of them use the MyOfficeSuite desktop application. It's a great simple tool that we have auto load on startup of the computers.

Is this program being affected by the upcoming migration/changes to the WEConnect vs. MyOfficeSuite stuff? Will there be a new, comparable version of MyOfficeSuite, or will our users continue to use the same program going forward?

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  • Carmen BlancCarmen Blanc Purchase, New YorkAdministrator admin
    Accepted Answer

    Hi @geneobrien:

    The OfficeSuite Desktop app has been transitioned to the WE Connect portal. All the main features of the app will still be present in WE Connect.

    You can see some of the changes in our post on WE Connect vs MyOS.

    You can also get further training on the WE Connect portal by attending our weekly training sessions.

    You can also find more information on the migration and a check list of items in our OfficeSuite Portal Migration Information section.

  • Carmen BlancCarmen Blanc Purchase, New YorkAdministrator admin
    Accepted Answer


    Access to the MyOfficeSuite portal and app will be disabled once the migration of all users to the WE Connect portal is complete. But you can still use the WE Connect desktop app the same way you used the MyOS desktop app. You will NOT need to be in the portal to use it. You can download the app from the WE Connect Downloads page.


  • So does that mean that the desktop app will no longer work? Is there going to be a replacement desktop app, or will my users all need to log in to the web portal for this functionality? If that's the case, that's a bad idea - they like the idea of the standalone app. It takes up less real estate on the screen, it's easy to 'force' them to use it, since it's in their startup group when they log in to the computer.

    If it's a website, I fear that most users just won't bother.

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