Contact Center Services - Release 7.2 Summary

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CCS Release 7.2 is right around the corner, scheduled for production on 7/16-7/17. Here’s an overview of what is coming with this release.

Agent Groups

The Agent Group feature allows an OfficeSuite Call Group (like a Broadcast or Hunt Group) to operate like an Agent in CCS. This is an exciting new feature designed for customers with non-traditional call center needs. It’s an ideal fit for a retail floor where store associates may be running around and are not tied to a single desk phone. They could theoretically pick up any one of several phones around the store. Traditional contact center queuing would result in one of these phones being rung, then moving onto the next phone until someone answers, which is not ideal for that store environment.

Instead, by assigning your Broadcast Group as an Agent Group in CCS, you can ring all of those extensions at once. In this way, you can take advantage of many of the great benefits of CCS like queuing, wait treatments, conditional routing, call recording, and enhanced reporting, all while operating in a manner that best suits your business’s needs.

Regular Contact Center Agents can serve as members of an Agent Group, and standalone Group Agent licenses are also available for purchase. Click HERE for more information on this new feature. Please speak with your Customer Advocate about how to get started.

Agent Sign-in Methods are Merging

Prior to CCS R7.2, CCS Queuing Tenants had to choose between having all their Agents sign in using the Agent Control Panel (ACP) in the portal or sign in using a programmable key on their OfficeSuite desk phone. Only one sign-in method was allowed per Tenant.

With R7.2, Tenants can use both the Agent Control Panel (ACP) and the Sign-in/out programmable phone key. Every Agent can work whichever way they want to work. Take a look at this Community Post for a more in-depth look at how this works.

Emojis in Chat

Chat messages are just more fun with emojis! For Tenants who have purchased Chat Agent licenses, both the Agents and the customers they engage with can now send emojis in their chat messages.

Chat is an add-on feature for Contact Center Agents and is available for purchase. Please speak with your Customer Advocate about how to get started.

New API Enhancements

For customers with unique requirements and the development expertise to accomplish them, CCS offers an API & Events to give customers flexibility in how they want to use the raw CCS data. We introduced additional API functionality in R7.2 that allows customers to hold a call momentarily while they dip their CRM for information on that caller, before deciding where that caller should be sent.