Chat and Contact Enhancements

There are several enhancements to out of meeting chat:

Indicator that a Message Did Not Send

A red exclamation mark next to a chat indicates it did not send. This typically happens when the sender has lost its connection.  The host can click retry to send the message again.

Alert When Contact is Available

Hover over a name in contacts or out of meeting chat. Click the down arrow or the three dates to the far left and a menu will drop down. Choose Notify Me When Available.

Contacts tab

Chat tab

A bell will display to the right of the persons name indicating you will be notified when they become available.

A pop up will notify you the contact you want to reach is available. 

Presenting IM Status When Screensharing

If a contact is in an HD Meeting and screen sharing a red video camera will appear next to their name with the word Presenting.

H.323/SIP Room Systems Under Contacts

If meeting room systems are setup on an hd meeting account, they will now appear in the contacts tab under Company Directory > Room Systems. The Room systems will appear in both desktop clients (Windows and MAC) and the mobile apps (iOS and Android)