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How do you delete users in User Manager? We have a few users who no longer work here or don't need access to the portal anymore. There isn't a delete button anywhere, so, how can I get rid of them? I'm not looking to just deactivate them, I want them completely gone and off the list.

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    Hi @kgullo

    Welcome to our Windstream Enterprise online Communities. First, I will assume you are looking to delete the user from the MyOfficeSuite portal since you are in the OfficeSuite Community. You will need to have admin permissions for the Delete button to appear as a function you can use on the portal.

    Any Admin can delete a user from the account by selecting Settings>User Manager from the navigation bar at the top of the page. Clicking the drop down menu arrow next to the the name of the employee to be removed and selecting Delete User.

    Hope that helps!

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    Hi @geneobrien, @kgullo, @BGregory:

    Although the ability to delete a user is not available at this time, you can deactivate a user. By de-activating the user, they are removed from everything except for the user manager. Once you de-activate a user, you do not have to delete the extension to remove them from the directory, you just need to un-assign the extension.


  • Thank you for answering, @Carmen Blanc! I'm using WE Connect. Sorry, that was my bad. Wasn't paying attention to which link I clicked.

  • How do you delete users from new WE Connect Portal? Very different from the old site.

  • @BGregory

    Doesn't seem like you can. The closest thing is to have Windstream unlink them from your company's account.

  • This is VERY frustrating. It used to be two simple clicks, and now apparently i'm stuck with users who no longer work here. My employees all use the WeConnect desktop software as their phone directory. The directory is listing people that don't work here anymore, with no obvious way to remove them.

    I was told that I have to delete the extension, but I don't want to do that. I keep a bunch of "unassigned" extensions to make it easier to assign an extension to a new employee. They've all got DIDs assigned, making deletion even more cumbersome.

    I don't mind change, i basically like the new portal, but this is just stupid. I spent close to an hour with a chat support rep, and for half the time, they couldn't figure out what i was trying to do, and their stock answer was to delete the extension, regardless of how many times I told them I didn't want to do that.