How to determine your version of OfficeSuite software via the MyOfficeSuite portal

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edited June 2020 in General Information

OfficeSuite UC® continually upgrades its software at a frequency of about three or four major or point-releases per year.

Here's an easy way to check the version of software on which your OfficeSuite services are running in the MyOfficeSuite portal:

  1. Log into the MyOfficeSuite customer portal with administrator credentials.
  2. Click on "Logged in as <your name>" in the upper right hand corner.
  3. Select "My Account Settings"
  4. On the Account Settings screen, your Software Version is listed along with other important information about your Company, Account, and Tenant.

The first two digits of the Software Version, e.g. 9.6, represent the current version your OfficeSuite UC services are running. Check out the OfficeSuite Release Notes page to determine what's new in each of the software versions.