How to use the OfficeSuite PC Softphone

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NOTE: The following post is intended for MyOfficeSuite users. If you are using the WE Connect portal, choose one of the following posts.

To use the PC Softphone, you must first have a PC Softphone license assigned to you. To assign yourself a license:

1.      Login as a system administrator in the MyOfficeSuite Portal.

2.      Go to the OfficeSuite Licenses page. You can reach the OfficeSuite Licenses page by selecting Phone System >> OfficeSuite Licenses

3.     On the OfficeSuite License page, select the Buy button in the PC Softphones row.

4.      In the drop down list labelled Select, choose the user you want to assign the license to. If you would like to add multiple licenses, select Add another PC Softphone user to add additional drop down boxes.

5.      Once you have selected all the users you wish to add PC Softphone licenses for, select SUBMIT ORDER. Once saved, you will see the confirmation pop up shown below and both the system administrator and the user who was assigned the license will receive an email notification containing information on how to setup the PC Softphone. Now you are ready to download your PC Softphone.

To download and setup the PC Softphone:

1.      While logged into the MyOfficeSuite Portal, go to the App Gallery page and select the Get it Now button with the OfficeSuite Softphone tile.

2.      You will be redirected to a Community page that hosts both the PC and Mac versions of the OfficeSuite Softphone. Select the correct version for your operating system.

3.      After downloading the software, run the program on your computer and open the program after it is installed.

4.      You will be presented with an installation wizard. Follow the instructions through the install wizard to download and install the PC Softphone on your desktop.

5.      Once installed, select the search icon in your Windows menu and search for “MyOfficeSuite Softphone”. Double click the app labelled MyOfficeSuite Softphone.

6.      On the MyOfficeSuite Softphone screen, enter the MyOfficeSuite username and password associated with your PC Softphone license and select the Sign In button.

7.      On your first login, you will be presented with a request for a license key. You can find your license key within the activation email that is sent or via the MyOfficeSuite Portal.

a.      Activation email

i.     After being provisioned a license, you will receive a welcome activation email. Within the email will contain your license key and download links for the PC Softphone.

b.      MyOfficeSuite Portal.

i.     In the MyOfficeSuite Portal, go to Signed in as <USERNAME> à MyAccount Settings

ii.     Scroll down to and expand the PC Softphone section. Here your PC Softphone licenses and the username associated with each PC Softphone will be listed

8.      Once you have your license key, paste it into the Enter Your License Keys textbox at the top of the screen and select the Add button. After you have added your license key, it will be displayed in the license key table. Select Done.

9.      Now your OfficeSuite Softphone is ready to use.

Using the PC Softphone


1.      Select the dialpad icon

2.      You may either type the name or number you wish to call into the textbox, or you can select the numbers on the dial pad. If you type into the text box, contacts and recent calls matching your entry will appear underneath the textbox.

3.      Select the phone icon to begin the call.

Managing Calls

When a call is answered, the following options will be available:

Transferring Calls

If you select the transfer call button, you will be able to create a blind transfer (transfer to another number without speaking to the third party) warm transfer (call the party first prior to completing the transfer)

To create a blind transfer:

1.      Establish the first call and select the Transfer button.

2.      Type the name or number you want to call.

3.      Select the dropdown arrow next to the transfer button and select Transfer Now.

To create a warm transfer:

1.      Establish the first call and select the Transfer button.

2.      Type the name or number you want to call.

3.      Select the dropdown arrow next to the transfer button and select Call First.

4.      The second call will begin. Select the Transfer Now button.   

Conference Calls

To begin a conference call:

1.      Establish the first call and select the More Options button. Choose Invite to Conference Call from the dropdown list.

2.      Type the name or number you want to call and select Add.

3.      The calls will be merged. You can split the conference into two separate calls, End the call for a single party or end the call for all parties.  


To add a contact:

1.      Go to the Contact screen by selecting the Contact icon at the bottom of the screen.

2.      Open the contact creation window by either selecting the Add Contact icon or by right clicking on a group and selecting Add Contact to Group.

3.      Complete the Contact Profile window and OK.

To add a group to the contact page:

1.      Right click in the Contacts section and select New Group

2.      Type in the name of the new group then select OK.

Recent Calls  

On the recent calls tab, you can view missed, inbound and outbound calls, search calls and call numbers back.

Checking your Voicemail

To check your voicemail, select the voicemail icon in the top right corner and follow the audio prompt.