OfficeSuite HD Meeting Web Client for Chromebooks

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edited April 2020 in HD Meeting FAQ's

Chromebook users can now join and host OfficeSuite HD Meetings. We’ve developed a secure approach to this solution which meets the needs of our K-12 market. Our solution also enables companies with challenges deploying or supporting the HD Meeting desktop application a secure way for its employees to use OfficeSuite HD Meeting

A new feature called ‘join from your browser link’ is available on the HD Meeting account and host Meeting Settings page. Once enabled, Chromebook users can join meetings through our new HD Meeting Web Client using a new Basic license developed for this solution.  Chromebook hosts can start meetings using a PRO license through our HD Meeting web page.


The Web Client enables Chromebook meeting participants to login with a Basic license and join into an HD Meeting without downloading any plugins or software

Hosts must enable the join from your browser link setting if participants need to join via the Web Client

The Web Client has limited features and functions

Users cannot use the Basic license to schedule or start meetings (PRO license required)

Participants must join the Web Client using the Google Chrome browser

For more information about HD Meeting's Web Client for Chromebook solution review the attached presentation. User guides for Chromebook participants and Chromebook hosts are also available for review.