How to Order and Install the WE Connect PC Softphone

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NOTE: This article is intended for WE Connect users. If you are currently using the MyOfficeSuite Portal, click here.

The WE Connect PC Softphone is an additional feature built into the WE Connect Desktop App that allows you to make and receive calls directly from within the WE Connect Desktop app.

Ordering the WE Connect PC Softphone

1.     Login to the WE Connect Portal.

2.     Go to Services >> Products >> OfficeSuite

3.     From the OfficeSuite pop out, select PC Softphones

4.     Select the Buy button in the top right of the screen

5.     Choose the user you want to assign the license to from the Select User drop down menu. If you do not want to assign a user, you may select Unspecified from the drop down list to assign them later.

6.     Select the Add User button if you would like to order multiple licenses at once.

7.     Choose the billing address from the Select Associated Billing Address drop down list. this is the location that the billing for the softphone licenses will be applied to.

8.     Scroll down and select the Submit Order button.

9.     A welcome letter will be sent to the end user informing them that they have been assigned a PC Softphone license

How to Install the WE Connect OfficeSuite Desktop app and Enable the PC Softphone

1.      Download the WE Connect OfficeSuite Desktop app from the WE Connect Downloads page:

2.       Use your WE Connect username and password to login to the WE Connect Mobile App. If your account has Single Sign On enabled, you can sign in using the Sign on with Another Provider link. This will redirect you to your company’s sign in screen.

3.      Once logged in, select the phone icon in the top left of the screen.

4.      You will be prompted with a pop up to change your emergency 911 address. This will be the address that emergency services will arrive at if you dial 911. It is recommended to select Yes to ensure that your address is up to date in the web page that opens.

5.      Once you have updated your PC Softphone e911 address, the phone icon will change to green indicating that the WE Connect OfficeSuite Desktop app is ready to make and receive softphone calls.

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