How to make a call on the PC /MAC OfficeSuite Softphone (MyOfficeSuite)

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NOTE: The following PC Softphone instructions are for anyone who is currently using the MyOfficeSuite Portal. If you are using the WE Connect Portal, click here.

From the PC / MAC Softphone, you can make a call from the following screens:

  • from the dial pad
  • from your contacts
  • from your recent calls

To make a call from the dialpad:

  1. Select the dialpad icon and type the number you wish to call.
  2. Select the phone icon.

To call a contact:

  1. Select the contact tab.
  2. You can select a contact name to display all numbers associated with the contact, or you can select the phone icon next to the contact's name to call the default phone number of the contact.

To call from the call history screen:

  1. Select the call history tab.
  2. You can search your call history for a specific name or phone number if you choose from the search bar..