transferring phone to another number at home

Hi, our office has everyone working remotely because of the Pandemic. We set up a soft key for everyone's outside number.  My problem is when customers call in to the main number and know the extension they dial it, but it is completely silent while the number transferred too is ringing.  Any way I can change that silence???  People hang up before you can answer because they think it didn't go through.

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    Hi Regina,

    I have forwarded your question to our product team for investigation. For now, you can add to your greeting the direction for callers to "stay on the line through the brief silence as the call is connected" in order to keep them from hanging up. Hope that helps! We will keep you posted on what the product team finds in answer to your question.


  • Great. Thank you for the response.  We have recorded that on our message, just wanted to see if there was anything else we can do.

    Thanks again.