How can I get summarized call reports for my call center staff?

We need this to monitor productivity to make sure that Susie is answering the phone as much as Carmen sitting next to her. I can find daily reports by person but nothing in a summarized report that shows call volume.

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    Hi @hmcclure,

    There are a variety of reports available within Contact Center Services that will provide this kind of information. Based on your description it sounds like the Agent Performance Report is the one that will best suit your needs. This report will provide a summary for each individual Agent of their signed-in time, talk time, number of calls answered and missed, and more. You can select which Agents you want to report on, the start/end date, and aggregation interval. Once you’ve created the report you like, you can even schedule the report to be run daily, weekly, or monthly and automatically emailed to anyone that needs it. This report can be accessed in the Reports sub-menu next to Inbound and Outbound Voice Queues Reports. Hope that helps!