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What ports and ip address are needed to be opened in my firewall to make the softphone work. We do not block any outgoing traffic. We only block incoming traffic in our firewall. It does not connect on my wifi network. If i turn wifi off on my iphone and use my mobile data i can use the softphone without any problem.

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  • Gregg Collins
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    Hello @Yasir Faheem - Were you ever able to solve this problem?

    Hello @Carmen Blanc - The link you posted has been removed. Can you please update?

    I have had this same problem with every version of the Android and IOS softphone over past few years. This has been experienced at multiple sites, with multiple tenants and several different smartphone devices. The softphone will work over WiFi on a site the first time it is attempted, but subsequent use attempts at the same site are difficult.

    We have never had a problem getting it to work over a cellular data connection.

    Upon returning to a site where the initial WiFi connection was made, the softphone will drop any cellular data connection that it had, then report as "unregistered" on the WiFi network.

    Rebooting the smartphone device will usually get around the problem until the next attempt.

    I have had multiple tickets open on this issue that were ultimately escalated to the developers. The finding was that something on the back-end servers remembers the prior connection and prevents reconnection, but they have not yet resolved (I'm personally running WE Connect v5.1.3 for Android). Support can manually clear the connection on the back-end to get it to work again without having to reboot the smartphone, but of course that is not something that is practical to do on a continual basis.

    Rebooting the phone is a pain, but is the easier recovery procedure. Obviously, this also clears something that allows reconnection.

    Working with the developers, we ruled out any issues with the local firewall or WiFi configuration.

    The conclusion was that this should be fixable either on the back-end or in the softphone app, but I was never given an ETA.

    All this said, I'm still interested in the post that Carmen referenced and any other knowledge from folks that may have had better luck.