Mitel 6970 Conference Phone and optional expansion microphones

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OfficeSuite UC supports Mitel’s newest 6900 series phone, the 6970 Conference Phone. New OfficeSuite UC customers can select this phone at time of proposal while existing customers can add it via the customer portal, Phones & Accessories page. 

With few exceptions for cordless and conference phones, OfficeSuite UC advises customers to never mix phone manufacturers at the same location and preferably never within the whole of the customer’s tenant. Users of other Mitel 5300 and 6900 series desk phones may co-mingle this new 6970 phone at the same location. Users of Poly VVX or Verge-WE desk phones should consider the Poly 6000 Conference phone, but could also use the Mitel 6970 if desired.

Mitel 6970 Color Touchscreen Conference Phone

High Definition Speaker phone for offices and huddle rooms

  • Exceptional Audio Quality
  • 360-degree beam-forming microphone array
  • 7-inch (800x480 pixel) color touchscreen display
  • 96 self-labeling keys; 6 pages of 16 keys
  • Six soft keys
  • Fixed function keys (Volume up/down, Mute, Keypad, Contacts, End)
  • Powered USB 2.0 port (500mA)
  • Built-in Bluetooth 4.1
  • Mobile integration standard
  • Power over Ethernet Adapter sold separately
  • Optional extension mics (sold as pair)

Optional Pair of Extension Microphones for Mitel 6970

  • Microphones are sold as a pair, but can be connected individually to the 6970
  • Microphones expand the coverage of the 6970 from 16 feet to 24 feet in the direction of the microphone(s)
  • Microphones must be installed minimally 6 feet away from the 6970 Conference Phone
  • On-board Mute button mutes all the microphones when pressed.

Mitel 6900 series phone summary:

NOTE:  The above phones and accessories are supported with OfficeSuite UC® v9.5 software. Your service must be upgraded to version 9.5 before you can enjoy these new devices. Click here to read the announcement of all features and functions in OfficeSuite Release v9.5. All server upgrades complete April 21, 2020.