OfficeSuite HD Meeting - Customize Your Profile

Your OfficSuite HD Meeting profile allows you to add a photo and update other user information such as your name, phone number and company/business unit name. 

A profile picture is particularly important to add as it will display to other participants in meetings when your video is turned off. Therefore, it’s best to choose a professional head shot. Connecting a face with a name is important when collaborating with others.

To access your HD Meeting profile, sign into your HD Meeting desktop app and click the avatar in the top right corner. Choose ‘My Profile’ menu option.

Profile Picture: Click Change, then choose Upload to adjust the crop area of your picture. Click Save.

Name: To change your name and add other profile information including phone number and company name/business unit, click Edit to the right of your name. Click Save Changes.

Your profile picture, name, phone, company name/business unit is displayed to other users when they hover over your profile picture in the HD Meeting desktop client.

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