OfficeSuite HD Meeting - Join Meeting Audio by Phone

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After joining an HD Meeting you will be prompted to join audio.  Click the Phone Call tab.

Follow the instructions for dialing in:

  • Call one of the numbers provided.
  • Enter your meeting ID followed by #.
  • Enter your participant ID followed by #.

If you fail to enter your participant ID your phone number will appear as separate line item in the participant panel.  It's important to bind you audio to your web session so your audio will be associated with your name and your video.  This helps other participants identify who is speaking.

Follow these steps to  enter your participant ID at any time during the meeting:

  • Click directly on the audio icon in the lower left corner of your screen
  • The Phone Call tab will pop up on your screen.  Follow the instructions written in green.  Enter #<participant ID>#.  In the example below the participant ID is 43.

Your phone audio is now bound to your video and your name.

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