I can program a key as a Group Voicemail Monitor, but how do I set up a Group voicemail?

I'm in the Program Phone Keys interface, and one of the things that you can program a button for is a Group Voicemail Monitor. If I choose it, it gives me the list of groups that the extension is a member of. But the groups themselves don't have the ability to send call coverage to a GROUP voicemail? The Call Coverage on the Call Group editor panel only allows you to send to an "employee voicemail". (We have a regular extension set up to receive each group's voicemail, and then group members dial the 4-digit extension to check it. For example group 6016 has call coverage that goes to 4007's voicemail. It would be really great if the group members of 6016 could have a light that tells them that there is new voicemail on 4007. Or if there was a way to set the 6016 call coverage to go to the voicemailbox that is attached to the key on their phones.)

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    Hi Cathy,

    Group Voicemail is not currently widely available on OfficeSuite. You would need to contact our support team to get set up. It is coming as an enhancement in the coming weeks.