OfficeSuite HD Meeting - Mute Participants on Entry

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Hosts can set all participants' audio to mute when entering meetings.  This will be less disruptive as participants are joining and while they for the meeting to begin.

When scheduling a meeting click on Advanced Options within the Options section.  This will mute participants as they join the meeting. Participants can unmute themselves after joining the meeting. 

A host can also set Mute Participants on Entry from the Participant Panel during a meeting.  Click the Manage Participants icon.  At the bottom of the Participants panel click the Mute All option.  All current and new participants will be muted.  If the host wants participants to unmute themselves during the meeting click Allow Participants to Unmute Themselves.  If this option is not checked the host or co-host will have to unmute a participant for them to speak.  The host can click Unmute All to unmute all participants.

A Host can also click More to toggle Mute Participants on Entry and Allow Participants to Unmute Themselves on or off.

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