OfficeSuite HD Meeting - Use Settings to Test Speaker, Microphone and Video

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If you're just getting started with OfficeSuite HD Meeting it's important to test your computer's microphone, speaker and video to ensure your equipment is working properly.

Click the gear near the top right corner of the OfficeSuite HD Meeting Desktop App to pop up your Settings.  Click the Audio menu option.  If you have multiple speakers or microphones choose the ones you wish to test from the respective drop list.  Click Test Speaker to hear and confirm a test sound.  Click Test Mic to speak and playback to confirm your microphone is working.

Next, click the Video menu option.  If you have multiple web camera's choose which one to test from the Camera drop list.  The web camera will turn on.  Make sure you position the web camera to center yourself in the frame.  Ensure you have the right light.  If it's too dark other participants will have difficulty seeing your face.  Side light will provide the best video picture quality.

TIP:  Click Touch up my appearance in the 'My Video' section of the Video page.  This option retouches your video display with a soft focus. This can help smooth out the skin tone on your face, to present a more polished looking appearance when you display your video to others.

<insert good shot of video settings>

If you experience any issues with your speaker, microphone of video web camera reach out to your organization's IT Support team to troubleshoot or replace your equipment.

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