Introducing, our NEW WE Connect Portal for OfficeSuite UC®!

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WE Connect portal vs MyOfficeSuite, What has changed?


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Exciting NEWS for OfficeSuite UC in 2020. Introducing, WE CONNECT!

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You have asked and we have answered the call! As a part of our continuing effort to enhance the customer experience of our Windstream customer, we have introduced a new upgraded portal, WE Connect, which will now be the single source for ALL Windstream customers. You may have already seen “Coming Soon!” notifications on the MyOS Portal.

On our new WE Connect portal you will continue to benefit from all of the features that are available in our MyOS portal with the added ability to manage your multiple accounts or multiple locations, in one view.  As always, you can still:
  • Manage Account – Extensions, Auto Attendants, Voicemail Settings etc.
  • View/Pay Invoices
  • Add/remove features and services
  • Enter and track service requests
  • Order additional products/services.
  • Download/export reports
  • Set permissions and notification preferences
In short, you will have the ability to do all of the things you are used to doing on the MyOS Portal and much more!
  • Access to our Community directly from the WE Connect portal Community widget;
  • Use of our Chat service for answers to any questions you may have from any location on the portal. Just look for the Chat Icon at the bottom right of every page.

Just like our MyOS Mobile app, you can use the new WE Connect app to perform such tasks as forwarding your phone, Twinning, making calls, etc.

NEW Features and Enhancements
Some of the New features and enhancements that will now be available in the new WE Connect portal include:
  1. Holiday Routing
  2. Group Twinning
  3. Group Voicemail
  4. One-click number blocking
What is the Migration process?
To make the move to our new WE Connect Portal as easy and as painless as possible for our customers we are using a “Special Invite” approach. WE will be migrating customers in waves, when your account comes up for migration, an official invitation will be sent to the user emails on your account file. That email will include a Registration link which will take you to the portal registration page. Because the security of our customer accounts is of the utmost importance, you will need to log in with a new password.

As soon as you log in, you will have access to all that your current (MyOS Portal) permissions allow on the New WE Connect Portal. Once you are migrated over, you will still be able to log into your MyOS Portal for an additional 30 days (UPDATED), after which you will no longer have access to your existing MyOS Portal account.

Also, please note that if you make any changes on your account in the MyOS Portal (once your account has been migrated), those changes will NOT be reflected in the WE Connect Portal and will need to be repeated in the new portal.
Stay tuned here on Community, for important updates as we move through the process!

If you are a PC Softphone User:
With the introduction of our new WE Connect Portal, we have made significant improvements to the PC Softphone. Namely, by integrating the PC Softphone functionality with the WE Connect Desktop App.

As a result, the previous standalone version of the PC Softphone will not be compatible with the new WE Connect Portal.

To use the new integrated softphone, please make sure to download the WE Connect Desktop app from the WE Connect Downloads page and select the phone icon in the top left corner. For more information on how to use the WE Connect PC Softphone, click here .

If you are a Mobile Softphone User:
Similar to the PC Softphone, we have merged the Mobile Softphone with the Windstream Enterprise Connect Mobile Android and iOS apps to create a more integrated customer experience. To use the new integrated soft-phone, please make sure to access the WE Connect Downloads page from your mobile device and download the WE Connect Mobile app for your device (Android for Android devices and iOS for Apple devices).
Once downloaded, login to the WE Connect Mobile app and select the phone icon in the top left corner to enable your soft-phone. 
How to Navigate the new WE Connect Portal
The new portal is relatively easy to navigate. At log in, you will see the navigation bar at the top of the screen which will take you to various sections of the portal.

You will also see your default dashboard, you can configure your dashboard any way you like. Just like the MyOS dashboard.

You can access the OfficeSuite UC Menu from the dashboard by clicking Services>Products>OfficeSuite, or by selecting the fly-out menu on the right side of the page.

Throughout the portal you will find small info icons (i), click on the icon wherever you see it and you will find useful information on how to perform tasks on that page or get further information.

For Example, you can download guides or come directly to Community:

There will be much happening in the next few months and we will be providing periodic updates here on the OfficeSuite UC Community so keep coming back to check out announcements or bookmark pages to stay in the know.
Important Note: We will be updating the instructional/How to posts that we have on community to reflect the process in the new WE Connect Portal. Don’t be alarmed if you see posts with instructions that may not be familiar. The current MyOS portal posts will not go away until ALL Customers are migrated over to the new portal and the current portal is officially decommissioned so that you can still get the information you need to manage your OfficeSuite UC® account/services.
We are excited to introduce our OfficeSuite UC customers to the NEW WE Connect Portal and all of the new functionality and enhancements that come with it!


  • Gregg CollinsGregg Collins Tupelo, MSMember, Super User Super User
    Looking forward to the Mobile Softphone / Connect Mobile integration!
  • David HulnickDavid Hulnick Conshohocken, PAMember

    All of our users are remote and fully rely on the officesuite softphone on their mobile devices. Will the app still work for 30 days like the officesuite portal?

  • Carmen BlancCarmen Blanc Purchase, New YorkAdministrator admin

    Hi David,

    We suggest that users log in and register onto the new portal as soon as they receive the email invitation to maintain access to their services, that includes the OfficeSuite Softphone. Users can immediately download the WE Connect Softphone from the downloads page on the portal to avoid any service issues.

  • Gregg CollinsGregg Collins Tupelo, MSMember, Super User Super User
    Is access to the Community from WE Connect supposed to be single sign-on? I have tried it, and I get prompted to sign in again.
  • Gregg CollinsGregg Collins Tupelo, MSMember, Super User Super User
    Hi all,

    We need an advance schedule for when tenants will be migrated so we can plan for support and app migration. The sudden "Welcome to WE Connect!" emails are catching customers off-guard.

    Can an estimate be provided by SIL or some other means?

    Thank you.
  • Carmen BlancCarmen Blanc Purchase, New YorkAdministrator admin

    Hi Gregg,

    Yes, the access to Community is supposed to be a SSO, there seems to be a conflict during authentication and we are currently working on it. Hoping to get that back up shortly.

  • Carmen BlancCarmen Blanc Purchase, New YorkAdministrator admin


    In regards to the migration, the migration process is automated and therefore we cannot predict exactly when specific customers will be migrating. They will have access to the new portal as soon as they receive the email invite.

  • Gregg CollinsGregg Collins Tupelo, MSMember, Super User Super User
    Hi Carmen, thanks for your reply, though I'm surprised and disappointed that a schedule can't at least be approximated.

    Please consider this suggestion to help mitigate: Send customers proactive notice of their forthcoming migration starting 2 weeks in advance. This would be similar to a regular "maintenance scheduled" notification, and be part of the automated migration process.
  • Carmen BlancCarmen Blanc Purchase, New YorkAdministrator admin

    Hi Gregg,

    Thanks for the suggestion. At this time, I am not sure what can be done as the process has already begun but I will forward it to our migration team.

  • Matt EMatt E Member

    All of our users got a notice at the end of June, still nothing in terms of roll out. Extremely unprofessional to send people a notice about something that isn't even close to being live. The notices should go out only when the service is about to launch or about to be changed.

  • Carmen BlancCarmen Blanc Purchase, New YorkAdministrator admin

    @Matt E:

    Thanks for your feedback. We have been migrating customers since June. The original communication was to give users enough advance notice so that they were not surprised at the last minute. We have already migrated tens of thousands of users to the new portal. The next notification that users will receive is the actual registration invitation. Most of our users have appreciated the timely heads-up as access to the MyOS portal continues for a limited time after the registration notice is sent. We appreciate our users feedback and are doing our best to make the process as painless as possible.

  • Gregg CollinsGregg Collins Tupelo, MSMember, Super User Super User
    I agree with Matt. The rollout is confusing, and as an agent I'm not being provided with any information to help support our customers. This is further hampered by abrupt and/or intermittent loss of functionality through the agent portal.

    I like what's being done with WE Connect, but would appreciate some better controls and communication from Windstream about the migration process.
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