Is Windstream's OfficeSuite UC® compliant with Kari’s Law for 911 dialing?

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The answer is YES!
Windstream is pleased to state that its OfficeSuite UC services are fully compliant with Kari’s Law in all 50 states.
In 2019, Windstream embarked on a project to change the dial plans for all OfficeSuite UC customers to ensure compliance with Kari’s Law which requires all Interconnected Voice over IP providers (VoIP) to enable dialing of emergency services, such as 911, without the need for any special prefix digit or code.
Per the law, providers had to be compliant by February 2020, but Windstream finished its rollout for OfficeSuite UC customers in October 2019.  All OfficeSuite UC customers can dial 911 without need to enter any prefix to obtain an outside line.  Note that 9+911 still works to call emergency services, so those users that are in the habit of always dialing a 9 before a call can continue to do so with 911.
It is very important to inform and train all your users on 911 dialing instructions, as some Emergency Services Centers may levy fines for too many misdialed calls to 911. Should your organization incur such fines, they are the responsibility of your organization. Inform your users that if they dial 911 mistakenly to not hang up.  Instead, stay on the line to inform Emergency Services personnel of the error.

Important Tasks:
Setup Emergency Notifications to be alerted whenever any user in the organization dials 911.  At the Business Details page within the customer portal, administrators can enter up to five email ID’s to be notified whenever anyone in the organization dials 911.  Most customers direct these emails to HR departments and/or the Security office so that on-site personnel can respond even before emergency service arrives. You can also send audible and visual emergency notifications to phones for selected extensions. Instructions how to set it up in the portal:

Consult the FAQ to review questions about Kari’s Law and Windstream's compliance with it:

Review the schedule of dial plan changes completed by server here:

As of 1/6/21, all new OfficeSuite UC installations are compliant with RAY BAUM'S Act which requires VoIP service providers to enable a method whereby customers can define a Dispatch Location for individual OfficeSuite phones within your premises: