Windstream OfficeSuite UC® Release 9.4 new features and functions

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OfficeSuite UC Release 9.4 new features and functions for users include special characters in speed dials, large tenant support, and enhancements to Mitel 5300 phone operation.

NOTE: OfficeSuite UC v9.4 production release was completed for all customers as of October 28, 2019. 

Special Characters in Speed Dials: OfficeSuite users may now program one-touch speed dial keys with special characters such as pound (#), star (*), and comma (,) for pauses. If you regularly join the same OfficeSuite HD Meeting or other conference bridge from your OfficeSuite desk phone, you may want to program a speed dial with the dial-in number and the conference entry code. To program a one-touch speed dial, click Configure on the My Phones widget in the customer portal. Select any unassigned Programmable Memory Key or Programmable Softkey (VVX phones) and select “One Touch Speed Dial” from the drop list. Enter 91, the conference dial-in number, a couple of commas for pauses, then the conference entry code. End it with a pound or star key as required by the conference bridge.  For example, the digit sequence to enter an HD Meeting via telephone is: 916467415293,,<meeting ID>,#  (Substitute <meeting ID> with the actual numeric HD Meeting ID you most often use). Note: You may have to experiment with commas (for pauses) within the conference entry code sequence depending upon how quickly the conference bridge can recognize the digits.

Mitel 5300 in-call timer: OfficeSuite users with Mitel 5300 series phones now have an in-call timer that captures the duration of the call in real time. The elapsed time of the call is displayed in the Information section of your phone beneath the caller ID. The format is MM:SS (minutes and seconds) and at the one-hour mark it will rollover to 00:00 and begin again.  The total duration is still found in the Calls Lists. Press the CALLS or REDIAL softkey then TIME to see the duration of the call in hours, minutes, and seconds. The duration will also appear in My Call History in the portal and the Call History for administrators.

Mitel 5300 headset toggle: OfficeSuite users with Mitel 5300 series phones and headsets can now program a memory key to toggle the audio path between the headset, handset, and speakerphone. Click Configure on the My Phones widget in the customer portal. Select any unassigned Programmable Memory Key and select “Headset” from the drop list. Connect your headset to the phone per the headset manufacturer’s instructions and then use the Headset key on your phone to shunt the audio path between your headset, handset, or speakerphone. When the Headset key glows orange, it means the audio path is to the headset and a headset icon appears in the top left-hand corner of the phone screen. Operation of the Headset key is as follows:

Headset to Speaker – press Headset key (LED goes out)
Headset to Handset – press Headset key, pick up handset
Handset to Speaker – press Speaker key, hang up handset
Handset to Headset – press Headset key (LED turns on)
Speaker to Handset – pick up handset
Speaker to Headset – press Headset key (LED turns on)

Note: The Mitel 5304 Slim phone does not have a headset jack and thus this feature is not supported on that model phone.
Large Tenant Support: OfficeSuite UC can now support individual tenants up to 5,000 seats and multiple tenants can be combined into Enterprise Groups of up to 20,000 seats. Existing customers of OfficeSuite UC that are growing can expand up to 5,000 seats as a single tenant with a common extension dialing plan, common directory on the phone, integrated voicemail, hot desking between locations, etc. New customers that know they will scale beyond 5,000 seats can order Enterprise Groups at initial account setup such that multiple, individual tenants of up to 5,000 seats each are combined into groups with a single administrative portal via single sign-on for overall management, a single portal directory of all users that comprise the enterprise across the whole of the entity with click-to-call capability, plus intra-tenant extension dialing through the use of special escape digits and codes to call coworkers at the other tenants. Note: It is recommended that customers that expect to grow beyond 5,000 seats start with a minimum of 5-digit extension schemes.

Audible Playback of Parking Space Number when using Analog Phones: If your business uses Analog Extensions of OfficeSuite with analog phones and your users park calls via star codes for other colleagues, you will now hear an audible playback of the parking space number in the earpiece of your analog phone after doing so.  To park a call using analog phones your phone must support flash-hook. To park an active call: 1. Press the flash-hook key to get a second line. Wait for dial tone. 2. Enter *95<parking spot>. Parking spots are numbered 1 through 9 (or 10 through 99 if provisioned with Extended Park). Alternatively, if you want the system to assign the parking spot then simply enter *950 or *95#. 3. Press flash-hook again. 4. Listen for the playback of the parking spot. 5. Hang up.  To retrieve a parked call from an analog phone: 1. Get dial tone. 2. Enter *96<parking spot>#. 

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  • Gregg Collins
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    Kudos on this update, these are great improvements!  I especially like the 5300 call timer.
  • Thanks for the call timer, we have missed that for the last 3 years we have been a customer.  Adjustable ring tones would make a lot of people stop cringing when the phone rings.