Three Discussion Communities -- Which One(s)?

Hello!  Of the 3 discussion communities -- OfficeSuite, SD-WAN, & WE Connect Portal --which should I follow, and which don't apply to me?  I have a lot to learn!  

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    Hi Bill, 

    It depends on your needs. If you are an OfficeSuite UC® customer you would want to ask questions/look for answers in the OfficeSuite Community. If you are an SD-WAN customer, then you would want to go to the SD-WAN Section for help regarding that product. 

    OfficeSuite UC is currently not accessible through our New WE Connect portal but SD-WAN is, so anyone looking to find out how to access their SD-WAN Portal through WE Connect, would find the answer in that forum. 

    Our Communities are currently divided by product so that customers can manage what content they need to be exposed to and what they don't need to know. 

    We also have subject matter experts on each of the forums who respond to questions and post content.