Apple iOS Mobile Release Notes for OfficeSuite HD Meeting

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OfficeSuite HD Meeting Apple iOS Release Notes
v4.3.9 (50854.0723)

·    Indicator that a Participant is Annotating

·    Allow Removed Participants to Rejoin

·    Minimize Meeting Window

·    Hide Local Video Feed in Gallery View

·    Support for Virtual Background (requires iPhone 8 or higher)

·    Calendar Integration with Google, Office 365, and Exchange

·    Multiple audio notifications of recording

·    Closed Caption

·    Improved Audio and Video Quality with Low Bandwidth connections

·    Reduction of Typing/Keyboard Noise

·    Disable Safe Driving Mode

·    Meetings Scheduled with Default Audio Type

·    Admit All from Waiting Room

·    Waiting Room for External Participants

·    Device Orientation on iPad

·    Personal Space for Note Taking

·    Star Individual Messages

·    Star Contacts and Chat Channels

·    Change Chat Channel Administrator

·    Set Notifications including when / how to notify

·    Share device sound (requires iOS 12)

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