OfficeSuite HD Meeting Breakout Room Enhancements

Set A Timer for Breakout Rooms
Hosts can now set a timer for breakout rooms. Once the configured time has passed, the breakout rooms will automatically close and users will be returned to the main session. Hosts can also choose to be notified when the time ends

Ability to Force Participants into Breakout Rooms
The hosts can now force participants to join the breakout rooms from the main session.

Ability to Disable Returning to the Main Session
The host can now prevent participants from returning to the main session from the breakout room. They will return to the main session when the host closes the breakout rooms manually or the set time expires.

Co Host can Add and Moderate Breakout Rooms
When a host or co-host join a breakout room, they both have moderator privileges in the breakout room. The host has additional "breakout room management" privileges. When they return to the main session, they resume their roles as host and co-host. A co-host who joins a breakout room can view the attendee list. A co-host can join/leave any breakout room, but cannot start/stop the breakout room, assign user, move other users between breakout rooms, or broadcast message.
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