New! Features and Enhancements Released for OfficeSuite HD Meeting

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The OfficeSuite HD Meeting software upgrade introduces a set of new features and enhancements to our OfficeSuite HD Meeting service! These changes are designed to help make your meetings more productive.

A complete list of Windows, MAC, iOS and Android features is available:

Beginning the morning of Thursday August 15, OfficeSuite HD Meeting customers will be prompted to upgrade the next time they log into their desktop application.

Desktop/Laptop Windows and MAC Users: Upgrading your software is easy, simply log in to your OfficeSuite HD Meeting App and click the ‘Upgrade’ prompt on the homepage.  You can also click ‘Check for Updates’ in the drop list in the top left corner next to your name and follow the prompts. 


1)      You will see a box in the middle of your screen that shows install progress.  The install process itself only takes a few minutes.

2)      When the install completes you will see a few obvious changes:

 a.       The HD Meeting application icon changes from  to 

 b.      The homepage will be bigger and presented in Landscape View. 



Note: The new HD Meeting icon doubles as the former ‘Start with Video’ and 'Start without Video' icons. Click the down arrow to the right of New Meeting to see this, it allows the host to toggle ‘Start with video’ on or off:


 3) if Landscape View is not preferred, you can click in the upper right hand corner by your avatar and choose ‘Switch to Portrait View’:

Switching to portrait view takes the you back to a view you are more familiar with:


Mobile Users: The OfficeSuite HD Meeting mobile applications have also been released.  If you do not have automatic updates enabled, go to the Android Google Play or Apple iOS App store and search for "OfficeSuite HD Meeting' to download the latest version.