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During auto attendant I want callers to be able to dial an extension at anytime

During auto attendant I want callers to be able to dial an extension at anytime without having to press 1, 2, etc.  Is this possible?

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    At this current time, the only way to get around not using your main menu keys to dial a parties extension is by creating a sub menu. For example, on your main menu, you could say: "If you know your parties extension, please press pound (#)." If the caller presses pound (#), it would go to a sub-menu. From the sub-menu, the caller would dial the parties extension, they need to reach. Reminder: If you have extensions that start with 1 and 2 as stated in your question, option 1 and 2 in the sub-menu would have to be listed as "Prompt for Extension."


  • @BradReidnauer Could you elaborate on this answer more or point me towards instructions on how to create a submenu that would allow the caller to "dial your party's extension at any time?"  I'm unclear on how the submenu option plays into this.
  • How complicated this is depends upon what your extensions are and how many menu options you need. Example if all of your extensions start with 2, you can have menu options for 1,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0,*,# and set "2" to be "Prompt for Extension". If you have more than one leading digit then you reserve as many menu options as you have leading digits. If you have a big enough phone system you might run out of menu options, though.

    Instructions for this are in the second help video, "How to Personalize Auto-Attendant Options" in the auto-attendent manager screen.
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