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How to silence the phone?

Is there a way to silence the phone? Like sending all calls to voice mail and turning off the intercom? Or just turning the sound off entirely? Sometimes we have meetings that we don't want disturbed by incoming calls or voices on the intercom, but we still want the ability to call out if we need to. Is it possible to program a key or something to set the phone like this and then another key to make it go back to normal?

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  • Carmen BlancCarmen Blanc Purchase, New YorkAdministrator admin
    Accepted Answer
    Hi Jrawles,

    What you are describing is our Do Not Disturb (DND) feature. There are several ways you can enable the DND feature on OfficeSuite UC:

    What is Do Not Disturb and what does it do?
    To enable Do Not Disturb in the portal

    To Program a phone key as your DND Key:
    From the My Phones widget on the MyOfficeSuite Portal, select Configure.

    From the Program Phone Key page, select the phone model and the key you would like to program as the DND key.

    Once you click on the unassigned button you would like to use, you can select the DND feature from the drop down list.

    Add the label "DND", save and close.

    Now you can use your designated DND button to enable/disable follow the directions below to use the newly programmed Do Not Disturb button.

    You can also enable your Do Not Disturb feature through the MyOfficeSuite Desktop app. 
    • From the homepage select the three bars on the upper left of the window.
    • Click Do Not Disturb and to toggle DND on or off.

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