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License is not saved

Since upgrading to version Build 96893, I am asked to enter the license string every time I start MyOfficeSuite Softphone. Is there an additional step I need to perform?

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  • Carmen BlancCarmen Blanc Purchase, New YorkAdministrator admin
    Accepted Answer
    Hi Mikegravell,

    What you describe is definitely not normal for the OS Softphone Software. Please enter a trouble ticket or contact our support team at 1-888-623-8647 for further troubleshooting.  


  • Anthony OlsenAnthony Olsen Official Rep, Developer Contributor mod

    Users can either download their license key prior to upgrading (instructions for this process can be found under the Is there anything I should do prior to upgrading my Softphone? section here) or users can login to the MyOfficeSuite Portal and go to the Account Settings page under the PC Softphone section to retrieve your license key. 

    The same license key that was previously used can be reused on the same machine after you have upgraded. 

    Once you have entered the license key and login to the softphone successfully, the license key request should not occur when you login in the future. 
  • That's the problem. I've saved the license key in the Softphone software as instructed above, however it prompts for it again every time I restart my laptop as if it was never saved.
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