NEW! CCS 6.2 Reporting Enhancements for OfficeSuite Contact Center Services

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The OfficeSuite UC Product Team is pleased to announce the version 6.2 release of OfficeSuite Contact Center Services. This release provides improvements to our reporting capabilities, giving you greater insight into how your business is handling calls.

What’s Included?

To make it easier to understand certain call dispositions, we have standardized terms across reporting and completed events. These standardized terms include Caller Abandoned, Busy, Failed, Terminated, and Answered. Definitions and clarification of these new terms can be found in the attached CCS 6.2 Definitions slide.

Along with the standardization of these terms, we’ve improved the searching capabilities within the Completed Events | Calls dashboard by including a new Outcome search field. You can now search by these various outcomes instead of just ‘Answered = Yes or No’.

Scheduled Reports are now also available within the Completed Events | Calls dashboard, which was previously only available in the Reports section.

Within the Completed Events | Calls dashboard, we’ve added the ability to display and sort by Hold and Wait Time.

•       Wait Time is the time between arrival into the Queue and when it was answered by an agent. If the call goes unanswered, there will be no recorded wait time.

•       Hold Time is the time the agent kept the caller on Hold or Park. It will only capture the time preceding a Transfer.

When requesting an Inbound or Outbound Queue report you can select certain items to run the report:

•       Date Range
•       Aggregation Interval
•       Queues

When requesting a report on Agent Performance you can select certain items to run the report:

•       Date Range
•       Aggregation Interval
•       Agents
•       Queues

Prior to 6.2, there were limits to each of these individual items. For example, you couldn’t run a report for more than ten queues at a time. These limits are in place to prevent the reports from becoming too large to query/return.

In 6.2, instead of limiting individual factors, the new limits will be a combination of all factors. In other words, the Admin has more flexibility to adjust any individual factor as large as they want and make the other factors smaller to accommodate. If the report size is too large, CCS will provide an error message and tell you to reduce one or more of the factors.

Queue Report 

Agent Report

Finally, we’ve provided the ability to print the nice pie charts and bar graphs that were previously only visible within the CCS Portal. This provides a nice alternative to the .csv file data export.